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Leadership Live

Jun 29, 2021

Kerry Siggins didn’t plan to become the CEO of a major company, but life has a way of offering up the challenges and adventures that give us the nudges we need. She’s a natural leader who really cares about her work and people. She has a learning mindset and focuses on asking questions, really listening and coordinating the teams to make her business a success and this is what makes her a great CEO. In this inspiring episode, Kerry shares her story and offers many tips for creating a thriving work culture.  


1:01 Making a choice to change your life

4:54 Passion

7:35 Moment of realization

9:20 Making a change 

11:51 A natural leader

14:36 Superpower - telling them what they need  

15:48 Stepping into the role 

17:20 Humility

19:41 Organisational Culture - employee ownership - what it means?

22:09 “Own-it” midset

23:17 Start by talking with your people

24:29 An example: taking a different approach

27:26 Leadership habits - the worst and best 

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